What is PLR Content?

If you are passionate about blogging but do not have time to create consistent blog posts, I have something for you. As an online entrepreneur or blogger, you need to reach out to new audiences for a viable business.  Among the best ways you can do this is by having engaging content on your blog. 

I know you are wondering why you need this. Well, fresh content helps you to rank well when your potential customers are searching for you. This is where PLR content comes in. Here is an example of done for you content.

What is PLR Content?

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PLR Content stands for Private Label Rights content. It is sometimes referred to as white label content. It is also called done for you content. PLR content includes a blog post, an article, a guide, an online course, etc. that has been pre written by someone else. It is then posted on a website of another individual who has purchased this content. 

With PLR content, rights of attribution are transferable. Rights of attribution means that the original creator can also sell copyright alongside the content of the article to the new owner who can write his name as the author.

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Pros and Cons of   PLR Content

Now that we have answered your question on what is PLR content, we also want to share the key advantages and disadvantages of white label content.

Advantages of PLR Content.

Some content comes with full rights of attribution. You can edit content as your own without committing the sins of plagiarism. This content comes with the option of tweaking it a little bit to meet the client’s needs. 

For example, you can customize the data in the article to meet your unique audience’s demands and edit the title of the content. And who said you could not make a profit from PLR? At your convenience, you can resell the content, for instance, the guide or e-book, to other third parties, and make a tidy sum of money, which could exceed the price you paid for it.

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As an entrepreneur, you can use your time for other productive activities and outsource PLR content to increase sales. It beats logic if you are going to waste hours drafting new material, yet you can find some well repackaged and researched article elsewhere at a bargain.

A growing audience requires to be fed content regularly. That’s where PLR content comes in. This type of content is also suitable for Search Engine Optimization because Google loves new articles posted on sites. Since there are experts in the field who can assist and churn out new content to help you engage your audience, there is no need to worry.

Why you should use PLR content

  • It saves you from frustrations of experiencing a writer’s block.
  • PLR Content is also used on physical items, for instance, product descriptions.
  • Since you spend time polishing the articles, you can draft entire content compared to someone who is writing from scratch.
  • PLR Content comes with other benefits and fringe benefits, such as content upgrades.

Continuous use of PLR content makes it cheaper in the long run since you can purchase a membership that enables you to obtain the content periodically at reduced prices.

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Disadvantages of PLR Content

  • The sites that create PLR content also outsource this work themselves from other third parties. This activity makes the content have serious plagiarism concerns that are hard to detect unless you do a thorough check.
  • Sometimes the sellers do not release the articles to the only single purchaser of the article. This practice means that duplication cases do exist, and the content runs the risk of being flagged down by sites such as Google. Reducing the frequency of selling the PLR Content by the websites can help alleviate this disadvantage.
  • It is hard to evaluate the quality of the article sufficiently.

Types of PLR content

PLR content like other forms of online content, comes in different ways that include:

  • Blog posts
  • Online tutorials
  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • Online courses
  • Product descriptions
  • E-books
  • Updates on social media


Now you know what is plr content. If you are struggling with creating fresh content as a blogger, you should try PLR content. This will help you to save time and focus on other things. However, you should make sure to edit and customize posts for your audience. Also, ensure you check for duplication issues to make your content unique.

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