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7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction

Master the 7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction
Hey there 👋 I’m Mong'are Ludiah, founder and CEO of Writers & Spire Solutions.

It's a proven fact that when you have more clients, life gets better. But how do you get more clients? You attract them! You need to attract the right clients.

What is attracting the right clients?

It's a very simple concept: Attracting your ideal client is finding out what they want and then giving it to them.

How do you find out what they want? You ask them! That's where this webinar "7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction" comes in. In this webinar you'll learn about:

The seven simple rules that will help you attract your ideal client.

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

1. Rule #1: Know Who You Are

2. Rule #2: Do What You Love to Do and Serve People Doing It Too!

3. Rule #3: Your Dream Clients Don't Look for Stuff, They Want to Buy a Solution to Their Problem! - Build Them an Emotional Bridge to the Solution and Then Deliver

For a limited time, I'd love to give you a FREE ticket to this webinar. Why? Because I know it will change.

February 14, 2022
At 5:30 pm

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