Virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Do you wish to start working as a virtual assistant and earn money from home? If you do, then you have landed on the right post. You will access gateways through which you can fulfil your wishes right here.

Most clients demand prior experience as a prerequisite for hiring anyone. However, these gateways can help beginners with little or no experience land virtual assistant jobs. They may need some professional experience but it does not necessarily have to be experienced in Virtual Assistance.

Before we get to the jobs, it’s important to know who Virtual Assistants (VAs) are and what they do.

Who are virtual assistants?

VAs are individuals who play the role of administrative support in all ways and sometimes go an extra mile. They perform various tasks to help online entrepreneurs, bloggers or businesses run their activities smoothly. The tasks may range from bookkeeping to administrative work; at times it may involve email support among other important responsibilities.

Working from home as virtual assistants are increasingly becoming the way to go for many people. Its flexibility and profitability make it more appealing compared to many other jobs available.

VA jobs are very competitive; however, since the opportunities are also many there are high chances you will get a VA job online. If you are looking for VA jobs online then try the following gateways for your chance to land the VA job of your choice.  

Become a virtual assistant with zero experience

Where to look for Virtual Assistant jobs online

Check out the following places where you can get VA jobs online.

Freelance marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork,, Peopleperhour and others are a good place for a beginner to search for jobs. They usually bring together freelancers and clients. They usually operate on bidding where freelancers bid for advertised jobs and the clients get to pick a freelancer of their choice. They are usually competitive, but with consistency in placing attractive bids, you can land a job as a VA.

Social media

This is another good place to find VA jobs. For example, if you plan to use Facebook to find clients, start by joining Facebook groups where your potential clients hang out. There are so many Facebook groups where you can find VA jobs. One of them is World Virtual Assistants

Belay solutions

This company offers both part-time and full-time job opportunities. The working terms are flexible since you can choose when to work, however, if you are a full-time worker, you need to be available always. It is especially good for beginners because they offer resources and support for their VAs through coaching, webinars and mentoring. They also have communities where VAs can share their experiences. The pay ranges between $5 and $20 per hour.

With this company, you can work part-time or full time as a receptionist. They require prior experience in office reception and the technical requirements. The VAs employed by need communication skills and ability to multitask.

Fancy hands

Fancy hands hire virtual assistants to help in completing a variety of tasks that are mainly clerical.  This offers a good chance for beginners to get employed and learn as they work to better their pay with time. They pay averagely $5 per task and the tasks last between 20 to 30 minutes.

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Assistant Match

This company matches business clients with relevant qualified clients. The Virtual assistants hired through Assistant Match differ in the levels of experience. This means that beginners have a chance to get employed by clients who are not keen on prior experience but value skills and commitment.

 Assistant Match offers training and resources to their VAs, which means that the beginners get a good chance to up their skills as they work. Their average pay is on average $13.5 per hour. You can apply to be matched with clients if you have no criminal records.


 This company was originally known as Worldwide 101 specializes in finding top grade Virtual Assistants and connecting them with clients. In case you have at least seven years of experience working in a professional field then you can apply to work with Boldly. Their jobs are flexible and long-term with a pay of $21 per hour. To get employed, you need to pass 3 interviews usually conducted through video conferencing.

WAHM Forums

This is a platform that brings together people who work at home. Through these forums, one can get alerts and connections to available Virtual Assistant jobs. Signing up into these forums is a great step to begin the journey, learn and get clients for your career to kick off.

Remote Co.

This is a website that is dedicated to helping job seekers to find job posts from online industries easily. Companies pay to post their jobs here. One can view the job posts available and apply for the one they prefer including VA. The terms vary from one client to another. It is a good starting point for a beginner since; companies at different levels post their jobs here. Young companies tend to employ people with fewer restrictions, thus giving beginners a good opportunity to be hired.


Being new in the field does not have to stop you from working as a Virtual Assistant. There are plenty of forums that offer opportunities suitable for beginners and support for them to grow and get better pay. Don’t waste more time, start applying now to get your career moving.