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Here’s What You’re Getting When You Purchase This Course Right Now

What you need to know before becoming a virtual assistant
The exact steps you need to take to set up your VA business the right way
  • Time-tested strategies for growing  the demand for your VA services
Five ways to turn your skills into a money-making machine


Technology has continued to advance, and it is changing the way we do things, from communication to marketing to learning. Marketing is not the way it used to be ten or twenty years ago. It has changed so much.

I believe using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn is not something new to you. Understanding how these sites work is key to becoming a superstar virtual assistant. I mean, clients need VAs to help them respond to messages and comments on Twitter and Facebook.

4 reviews for The Virtual Assistant Training

  1. Ruth Wanjiku

    Excellent course

    I have learned so much in just a short time. The course is interactive, I am happy because all the questions are answered to my satisfaction. I know I will be an awesome VA because of this course. Thank you.

    • Ludiah


  2. Nancy Kangethe

    Awesome Course!

    This is all what I needed to learn about virtual assistant. The guideline is helpful to anyone who is aspiring to be a VA as it explains every detail one needs to know when venturing into it. Thanks a lot.

  3. Lema Yang

    Love this course

    I have been yearning to become a virtual assistant for some time now but just did not know how to do it. This course explains the ins and outs of becoming a virtual assistant in a way that a layman understands. Definitely worth the time if you are waiting for that final push!

  4. Silvia Musau


    Helpful information, thanks

    • Ludiah

      Thank you!

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