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Anyone who wants working freedom and is willing to invest more than six hours sitting in front of his computer. This training is for anyone who is tired of the 9-5 job and wants to have the freedom to work from anywhere on his terms. 

People in need of admin tasks and beyond.

I have been asked this question a million times.

The answer is yes. You can pay all your bills working as a VA or working from home. Once you get clients paying well, you can pay all your bills working as a virtual assistant.

You can pay for my training or decide to self-train. Self-training may be a bit tricky but it helps if you don’t have cash.

A virtual assistant works from home and can do lots of tasks while a personal assistant works on location.

You can make as much you are capable. It all depends on how many clients you have and how much you charge them. You can make up six figures. You determine your monthly income. 

For instance, VAs charge between $7/hr and $50/hr.

Yes, you can. The VA course goes for 50 dollars. You can pay twice.

I want you to succeed, I cannot guarantee your success. You only hold the key to your success. It depends on your skills and dedication. But Writers & Solutions promises to do everything possible to support you and motivate you. 

Our course provides you with all the tools and materials you need to work as a virtual assistant.

The amount you invest before to start working as a VA depends on what you have at hand. Do you have any skills? Do you have a computer? Do you have a stable internet connection?

In some situations, you may not invest anything especially when self-training. But sometimes you will need to invest in software and other tools needed. But you will need a little amount.

Anyone who wants to start a Virtual Assistance business.

We haven’t set requirements for joining the course as it is suitable for all beginners who don’t have any experience working remotely. 

All we need from you is dedication, motivation, and patience. Be a person who takes the extra mile to get something.

This question has been asked here many times.

We don’t give clients or work to our students. All we do is share information that can help you find high paying clients. 

You are in charge of searching for clients.

The training can take between one day and many days.

It all depends on you. Some students spend only a day learning and other months.

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