How to increase website sales

For a long time, I thought that having a lot of traffic meant high conversion. But I was wrong. Take an example of an eCommerce website ranking high on searching engines. That website will have high traffic. But what if I told you the conversions are the opposite when it comes to sales? Would you believe me?

I know the goal of every entrepreneur is to have high sales. That is why it rewards to know the tricks you can use to increase the sales from your website. It’s okay if you don’t have a website. But I know you want to increase sales. Here are some tricks that you might find useful.

How to increase website sales

Who are you targeting?

Who is your target audience? In case your target audience is older folks, ensure you make them feel safe doing online business with you. I mean, the internet is something they are not used to and some of them hate it.
However, if it’s this younger generation, it means you will put more effort into convincing them to buy from you. Remember they are tech-savvy.

Consider running surveys to know exactly what your target audience needs. Feedback from clients is also a good way to know what it is they need. The aim here is to create a procedure that allows you to discover what your clients like and don’t like.

Work on your website navigation

A website that’s not user-friendly discourages visitors from doing whatever they want. Reason? They find it hard to locate some things on your website. The best thing to do if you want to increase sales is to ensure that your website navigation is easy for all users. If your website visitors find it hard to navigate through your site, they will leave and go to the one they enjoy navigating around.
Ensure everything is professional, simple, and consistent. Check for any spelling errors. And if possible, ensure you keep reminding visitors on which page they are on your website.

Another thing is to reduce the number of clicks to the checkout page and the details they have to fill in. If those details are not important, omit those fields. Avoid forcing people to open an account during the checkout if they don’t want.

Be open

Honesty and Openness are key for all online businesses. Ensure you are clear on your charges and turnaround times. If you do a delivery of physical products ensure your clients know the delivery period. Provide all the necessary details people need to know. A good way is to have an FAQ section on your website together with your contact information. If there is a need for a refund, let them know too.

Build trust

One of the things that make online businesses different from the offline business is that there is no face to face meeting. But that doesn’t mean communication should be poor. There are many ways you can use to have real-time conversations with your site visitors. When people know you communicate on time and available to respond to their queries, they tend to trust you.

If you happen to use chatbots, ensure you have humans who can respond to questions so you can give your visitors a human experience. Talking to real humans feels good and satisfying.
While it’s difficult to build trust online, you can always ask for testimonials from former clients and display them on the site.