Easy ways to make money on YouTube

Easy ways to make money on YouTube

Monetize YouTube with affiliate links

Promoting affiliate links is one of the massive earning opportunities for any channel that offer comprehensive tutorials and also informative product reviews. Here is an example, if you recommend a product and the user buys it using your link, you will get a commission. Write a description and place your affiliate link in the first few lines.

Make sure you talk about the link when making the video content. Affiliate links on Youtube are similar to affiliate links on your blog. 

Join the YouTube Partner program

The program allows you to make money from adverts and it’s a good revenue stream for the big channels. You can make your channel big too. There are different ways to earn when you join the YouTube Partner Program: From ads, you place on your videos, Google AdSense banner ds, and channel memberships. You can join the partner program once you achieve 4,000 watched hours on your channel and have 1000 subscribers.

Funding from fans

Sounds like a good way but don’t rely on this one. But sometimes your channel fans find your videos informative and they willingly you send you something.  You can also encourage them to support your channel.

Understand YouTube SEO

Do keyword research just like you with your blog content. However, this time focus on video content that people are searching or likely to search. Make sure you include relevant tags on your video title, tags, and description.

Always check your source of traffic so you can know what they are searching and where they find your videos.

Take advantage of Your Youtube marketing funnel

The first thing to od is to optimize your YT channel for sales. Pick and niche and join the partner program and organize your marketing funnel. The best way is to use YouTube together with your blog. 

Join the Amazon Influencer program

This is another popular program. With the Amazon Influencer Program, you maximize your social media presence (Youtube included) to earn through Amazon recommendations. Once accepted into the program, you can recommend or review products and then direct your viewers to buy the product on Amazon. If your viewers click through the link and make a purchase, you get a commission.

Sound like something you want to try? Start your channel now.