Article writing for beginners guide

Article writing may seem like a straightforward and simple task. However, many people struggle to write an article that would catch the attention of their audience. In this article writing for beginners guide, you’ll find out how to write an amazing article. 


When you’re writing an article, it is important to understand the basics. This includes:

  • Research
  • Purpose of the article
  • List of topics
  • Language
  • Organization
  • Informative

But before that, let me help you understand more about articles.

What’s an article?

Writing an article is a great way to share your expertise and create exposure for your business. An article can be anything from a short blog post, to a long-form op-ed piece in the New York Times. What makes an article? It’s about providing readers with something new or different that they didn’t know before reading it. This could be through research or personal experience; either way, you will need to do some work upfront (researching the topic) followed by writing and editing (going back over what you wrote).

What kinds of articles are there? There are many types of articles, including informative articles, persuasive articles, product reviews, etc. You want to make sure that whatever type of article you write is suited for your audience.

Article Writing Guide: 7 Things to remember

What is the purpose of your article?

The basis of any good article is knowing what you’re trying to achieve with it. If you already have a goal in mind, such as persuading someone or sharing information, then you can focus on achieving that one thing right from the start.  

If you want people to read your article, it’s important for them to know what they’re going to get from it before they start. This article writing for beginners guide discusses a few key points to include in your articles so that people will become interested and read more. A list of points allows readers to navigate through what you have written easily, as each point acts as a reference point.

Do your research

Whether you’re writing about the benefits of buying a certain product or touting the features of your latest invention, it’s important that you do some research before writing an article. You don’t need to be an expert on the entire topic, but there is usually information out there on how best to approach a subject. When who might want to read your article and why they would be interested in doing so, everything is easier.  

Organize your article

Organizing your article is an important step to writing it successfully. You can start by listing all the points you want to make at the end of your research, using bullet points if their order isn’t important. Once you have created a rough draft of your article, you may want to read through it and decide whether any sections are unnecessary or need more detail. Organizing gives the article coherence and makes it easier for readers to follow what you’re saying.

Write in simple language

If your article is too long, complicated, or rambling, people won’t bother reading it. It’s not just about avoiding big words; complex sentence structures will also put off most readers because they’re harder to understand than simpler sentences that everyone can easily comprehend. The article writing for beginners guide also suggests keeping your sentences short, as this makes them less overwhelming to readers. Reading the article aloud is a useful way of deciding whether you should make your language easier to understand.

Readable vs informative

The goal of an article is generally to inform or teach others about something. However, it’s also important that you don’t become overly focused on being informative at the expense of making the text readable. If all you want to do is share information then you can ignore this point, but if you want people to read what you’ve written then making your text more interesting and easier to follow will help. This could mean using shorter paragraphs instead of long ones with many sub-sections, breaking up each paragraph into bullet points, or using more examples to make your article easier to understand.

Keep it simple

You may be an expert on the topic you’re writing about, but it’s important to remember that most of your readers won’t be. This point is a reminder to avoid jargon and elaborate language as much as possible, keeping things simple for everyone to follow easily. It also means keeping complex sentences short and breaking them down into simpler ones if needed, avoiding big words unless they are crucial, and sticking to standard spelling and grammar rules. You could even ask someone who isn’t familiar with the subject matter for their opinion of whether what you’re saying makes sense before publishing it online.


Article writing doesn’t have to be difficult when you know how to approach it. Unlike other types of writing, article writing is generally targeted at a broad audience rather than being custom-written to suit one person’s requirements. You may be able to write an article that goes viral and gets thousands of shares if you approach the task in the right way.

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